Natural Capital & Biodiversity

Our team specialise in biodiversity and ecosystem services to assist clients in meeting the challenges of environmental, social and economic change.

From an understanding of natural capital assets, we can reduce environmental impact through sustainable strategies and enhancements of ecosystems and biodiversity.

Natural Capital

Natural Capital is defined as the stock of renewable and non-renewable resources that comprise the building blocks to human life, namely the air, water, soils, plants and animals. Ecosystem services refer to the flow of benefits that we receive from natural capital. Protecting your natural capital leads to greater environmental gain. They represent an ‘outcome’ approach to conceptualising sustainable development.

We offer quantifying assessments of these ecosystem service processes to assess the long-term impacts of proposed development, placing monetary and non-monetary valuations upon natural capital benefits utilising a variety of tools fit for purpose. We offer a bespoke service, allowing our clients to take stock of their natural assets and develop clear management strategies to achieve the greatest net gain and benefits for the lowest management costs.

Biodiversity Net Gain and Offsetting

Biodiversity net gain is the precursor to gains in natural capital, and overall environmental net gain.

Biodiversity net gain means leaving biodiversity in a better state than it was before. As part of the UK government’s 25 Year Environment Plan, biodiversity net gain (with potential for biodiversity offsetting) is being introduced and mandated for all future developments following a 2-year predicted roll out period. National Planning Policy and several Local Plans already require developments to deliver biodiversity net gain.

We assist clients to navigate their way through this emerging change in the development policy process with a thorough understanding of policy, how this varies across the UK, the use of biodiversity offsetting metric calculators and how to manage net gain requirements.

Our in-house GIS team can add a clear visual representation of the metric data by mapping a baseline of the current biodiversity on site, the post development biodiversity on site and a comparative map showing where biodiversity net gains or losses are achieved on site. This enables our clients and authorities to clearly visualise biodiversity net gain solutions on developments.

Natural capital & biodiversity services

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