Achieving a 10% Biodiversity Net Gain on Developments

As part of our preparations for the new Environmental Bill our team have been undertaking training on Biodiversity Net Gain. Biodiversity net gain means leaving the environment in a better state than before and once the bill is passed, there will be a requirement for all developments to reach a minimum of 10% gain in biodiversity using the DEFRA Biodiversity Net Gain Metric. A big, but important challenge.

Throughout the year our team have undertaken Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) training and have run in-house training across all of our disciplines to ensure all staff are up to date and aware about these important changes.

As Local Planning Authorities across the UK have already begun to request net gain calculations alongside our ecology reports our team have had the opportunity to put this training to the test and have undertaken net gain calculations, providing solutions for both large and small projects.

To achieve the best outcomes for your development and for nature, it is best to consult ecologists within the early stages of development. The inclusion of net gain measures early in the design process (or even as early as the feasibility stage of a project) will help to reduce costs further down the line.

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