GMSF Call for Sites

  • 23 Jan 2017

In response to the call for sites by the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), Urban Green has supported developers and landowners including Casey Group and Persimmon, with site promotion and visions across 16 sites across the region.

The GMSF is a joint plan across Greater Manchester that aims to ensure that the right land exists in the right places to deliver the homes and jobs needed along with identifying the new infrastructure.  It is reported that Greater Manchester needs to deliver 227,300 new homes by 2035.

Land owners, developers, local residents and businesses had until 16th January to identify sites that could be suitable for housing or employment development.

The process aims to identify whether there are areas of land available for development that individual districts or Greater Manchester are not currently aware of.

Martin King, Director of Urban Green says: “GMSF is a key component in planning sustainable growth for the region, it is long term and won’t be without further political debate. The GMSF will require a unanimous vote at Greater Manchester Combined Authority; the mayor and 10 council leaders.

The plan calls for large areas of land to be released from green belt to accommodate 63,000 out of 227,000 residential units envisaged by 2035, so will undoubtedly be contentious”

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