Manchester City of Trees

  • 20 Jun 2016

Urban Green is pleased to announce it is now a committed partner of Manchester City of Trees.

City of Trees is a new movement that will see three million new trees planted across Greater Manchester over the next two decades, and will transform the condition of existing woodland, to make the city’s landscapes greener, healthier and more resilient for future generations.

Urban Green is committed to the promotion of sustainable communities and as a partner, we will lend our support to realising this vision.

Urban Green will benefit from talks and sessions to support CPD and will commit time to support volunteering initiatives such as planting trees.

Urban Green is committed to playing a role in the City of Trees movement. As an environmental consultancy, based in the centre of Manchester, we understand the importance of trees and the services that they provide, particularly in an urban environment.

Join the many organisations, companies and communities already helping to build a City of Trees at

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