What is Landscape Management?

  • 21 Jun 2017

Landscape Management is the care of land to ensure that landscapes fulfil the needs and aspirations of present and future communities in an effective and sustainable manner.

What role does National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) have?

The NPPF plays a key role in landscape management.  With the drive towards no net biodiversity loss as a result of new developments, the NPPF aims to conserve existing landscapes and provide alternative habitats.  These must be well located, well managed sites, where the value of lost habitats can be compensated for adequately.

Policy instruments such as Section 106 agreements and planning conditions generally provide the structure by which landscape management is delivered and ongoing maintenance is ensured.

Landscape Management Plans – what are they?

Landscape management plans are most commonly requested as part of a planning condition.  Local authorities can have different requirements in terms of the  level of detail and the emphasis they require.  Reports requested may therefore be titled slightly differently, for example ‘Landscape Management and Maintenance Plan’, ‘Landscape and Environment Management Plan’ or ‘Landscape Habitat Management and Maintenance Plan’.

Requirements range from a general overview of the key landscape management aims and objectives, to more comprehensive reports which provide a detailed breakdown of the management and maintenance tasks required over a 10 year period. They often require ecological information and recommendations and this is where we collaborate with our in-house Ecology team.

Construction Environment Management Plans (CEMP) – what are they?

Alongside landscape management plans, CEMPs are also commonly requested as part of a planning condition.  CEMPs generally require details on how the potential environmental effects as a result of construction will be managed.  This ties in with the overall aims and objectives of a landscape management plan and will often be produced in conjunction.

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