One Manchester

  • Client One Manchester
  • Location East and South Manchester
  • Services Arboriculture
  • Sector Asset Management

8,770 trees within 12,000 properties were surveyed and plotted across East and South Manchester

Approximately 9,000 trees were surveyed and plotted for housing association One Manchester. Using the visual tree assessment method, our surveyors completed a 36o degree inspection of each tree completed from ground level. This is based on the premise that tree defects are typically identifiable by external signs when viewed by an experienced tree surveyor. Esri GIS Collector was used to collect the tree data and Esri base-map to plot each surveyed tree along with the tree data information. Eris GIS provided a visual representation of the work requirements and allowed One Manchester to apply bespoke filters and visual tools to suit their needs, with recommendations and work priorities were clearly identified.

The collected data was supplied to the client in a csv file which was seamlessly integrated into their existing GIS system. Urban Green is continuing to work with One Manchester to help them fulfil their legal obligations of tree ownership.

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