Supporting Work Experience

  • 15 Jul 2022

Year 10 student Lexington Smith joins Urban Green for a work experience

Year 10 student Lexington Smith from Painsley Catholic College, Cheadle

This week we welcomed Year 10 student Lexington Smith from Painsley Catholic College for work experience.

Lexington has been very busy in the studio designing a garden and a play area for a site in Dorset. He also went on site to complete a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) with Associate Mark Evans, which saw him take photographs from various viewpoints around a potential new development to identify whether it would have a positive or negative impact upon the existing landscape and views. He also found the time to attend our staff forum and team meetings.

Taking photographs on site for inclusion in a LVIA

It was great to have Lexington on board. Certainly an inquisitive, polite and courteous young man. Not forgetting thoughtful – our team loved all the treats he brought in for them too!!

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