Greaves Wood

  • Client Taylor Wimpey and Premier Estates
  • Location Wigan
  • Services Arboriculture, Ecology, Landscape Architecture
  • Sector Asset Management

Enhancing and maintaining a 60-acre ancient woodland

Urban Green is project managing the delivery and implementation of a ten-year woodland management programme.

We had previously worked with Taylor Wimpey at 60-acre Greaves Wood through the delivery of various site visits and surveys. Using this extensive knowledge of the woodland, we were well placed to achieve the aims set out in the Woodland Management Plan which included enhancing the ancient woodland, maximising opportunities for wildlife and maintaining habitats for bats and amphibians.

Measures to improve the woodland comprise the removal of invasive species and the introduction of native trees, dredging and the removal of vegetation from ponds and the creation of roosting bat habitats.

Detailed planning and co-ordination of the works is essential and is supported by the strong communication with the management company Premier Estates and the presence of an on-site serviced ranger’s cabin.

Urban Green has worked closely with Taylor Wimpey through their Technical Consultancy Services Frameworks since 2012 delivering arboriculture, ecology and landscape architecture services.

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